About your Builder


I have been fishing since I was old enough to remember! It’s a passion that I have that I’ve chosen to turn into a profession. I’m a native of Texas. I was fortunate enough to not only fish the awesome lakes for bass, but also spent a substantial amount of time chasing redfish and gator trout in the flats of South Texas. I left home at an early age and pursued a career serving my country in the US Navy, and I can honestly say I miss every moment. Today, I live with my wife and three kids in Southwest Florida. Weekly, you can find me on my flats boat cruising the Pine Island Sound searching for redfish (still my favorite), Snook, and Tarpon. My passion still remains with fishing as much as it did when I was a kid! I’ve been building rods for a number of years. And with the help of a great teacher, I really feel like I’ve perfected a fine rod! I use high-end components and would never sell a rod I wouldn’t fish myself! I’ve been fortunate enough to have a DJCR reach as far as California, Texas, New York and even Alaska!! Please feel free to contact me for your next dream rod!!!!!

Take a look at the gallery page for samples of my work and head over to my facebook page to see what people are saying about my rods!